For Sale 100cc Honda Win, Hanoi, Vietnam

100cc Honda Win, Loncin


I bought the bike in Ho Chi Minh on the 31st January off of a mechanic who had fixed the bike up.

The bike comes with:

4 bungee straps

One face dust mask

Helmet with visor

One padded jacket (not the most stylist but will keep you warm when the weather turns)

One thick plastic motorcycle raincoat

P1030622 P1030623

One pair of thick padded gloves

Two plastic ponchos

Two ignition keys

I have become very attached to the bike and have looked after it along the way making sure the oil is changed every 500km and always having enough fuel. Anyone that says there bike has had no issues from one Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi is not telling the truth as all of the bikes that do this journey will at some point have some issues.

Throughout my time of having the bike i have always taken it to a garage as soon as i think something is wrong.

I have had:

New brakes front and back

New Cylinder

New spark plug

New headlight and bulbs

New speedo

New foot pegs

So nothing major has gone wrong just the odd little fix which is to be expected as its some distance for the bike to cover but it has coped well. If anything does go wrong with the bike garages are dotted all over the place and are not expensive and have spare parts. I have noted down my fuel costs for the entire journey so can tell you roughly how much it has cost to get from ho chi minh to hanoi.

The bike has a six litre petrol tank which will get you around 120 -150 miles (200- 250km) depending on the terrain. It is recommended to get the oil changed every 500km and this should cost 80,000 vnd or 4 usd.

A good tip which most places don’t tell you is to keep the front forks oiled as this will help with your suspension so you don’t feel as much of a jolt over the pot holes which you will inevitably encounter.

Manual bikes are much better compared with scooters as they have more power which helps up steep inclines. Also if you get a scooter every time you need to fill up with fuel you will have to unstrap your bag and this will happen more regularly as scooters have smaller fuel tanks.

I plan to be in Hanoi from the 8th March so get in touch if you want to come and have a look and a test drive i don’t have a phone number so comment on this post or email me.

Starting prics is $300

Look forward to any responses

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