The Bamboo Pathway, 1st September 2017

  • The Golden Pavillion
  • Ryoanji Temple
  • The Bamboo Pathway

After some house keeping we popped to a nearby shop we had saw on our first day. We had been after some Japanese crockery as it looked fantastic but most of the ones we had seen were £15 upwards each. we found what we were looking for around £2 each which was much better.
The golden pavilion was first on the agenda so armed with some sushi and a cup of coffee we boarded the bus there. After a few stops we made it and paid the 500 Yen entry and followed the droves of people in. It was very busy with each person trying to get their perfect snap of the regal temple looking over the water.

The Golden Pavillion

It looked great and was covered with gold leaf which had been lacquered to sparkle in the sun. A phoenix Sat on top of the roof looking over the lake as bright as the walls. We followed the path which was lined with pine trees which all looked flawless. Some of the trees were being pruned and there wasn’t a chainsaw in sight. Instead the workers were in the trees stripping out the dead needles by hand and cutting small shoots off with secertears.

Canopy of Japanese Maple Trees

It was time to leave and after being pointed in the right direction we were on the way to the bamboo pathway. Before we got there we made a brief stop at Ryoanji temple which was a series of gardens distributed around a large lake. The lake was covered with lilly pads and there were a couple of terrapins which were basking on the rocks. In the temple there were 12 stones which were said to have been specially placed. I’m sure they had but it looked like a few rocks with some stones around them too me so we weren’t too impressed.

Ryoanji Temple Specially placed rocks
Inside Ryoanji Temple

Check out my new pad

We soon boarded the bus and found the bamboo pathway. The pathway had been cut through the bamboo forest and lined with young shoots of bamboo which provided a small shoulder high screen. The bamboo towered over the pathway and as the wind blew you could hear the knocking of the poles on each other. The bamboo got larger as we got deeper into the forest and it looked incredible. As the sun set and the last of the days light beamed through the poles it felt very peaceful. We were in awe of these giants which are alien to the small clumps of bamboo back home.
On the way out we spotted a street food stall so ordered some vegetable tempura and egg udon. The food was welcomed after not eating much for a while. Beckys egg was raw but began to boil in the soup. After filling up we then boarded the bus back to the busy city as night fell over kyoto.

The Bamboo Pathway

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