The running man, 3rd September 2017

  • Kyoto Imperial Palace
  • Leave Kyoto
  • Arrive in Osaka
  • Explore Osaka

After being kept up the majority of the night by next door we woke up not feeling so fresh. So as we had to check out early we decided to make as much noise as possible to give them a taste of their own medicine. We couldn’t check in to our guesthouse in Osaka until 4pm so thought we would spend most of the day in Kyoto before heading there. So we decided to go to the Kyoto imperial palace which is where the imperial family used to live In the hope that we might be able to see this palace. We took a brisk walk to the grounds and they were actually open. We were able to see this one! We wondered around the grounds which was like a city forest surrounding the palace.

We then walked into the main grounds which was free to enter. The buildings looked incredible and the roofs were made of Japanese cypress bark layered on top of one another. This looked similar to thatch back home and the sculptures had made flowing curves in the roofs over the structures framework.
We also walked around the private gardens of the previous emperors which looked flawless and continued around the buildings. The main hall where the emperor would have been crowned had a mandarin tree to the left of the entrance and a cherry to the right not sure why but it looked nice.

The palace gardens

Imperial Palace building with Mandarin and Cherry tree

We finished our loop around the palace and headed back to the guesthouse. On the way back we stopped for a spot of brunch and collected our bags. We caught the train to Kyoto station and Becky remembered we had left a carrier bag of our flip flops and a packet of peanut butter crackers at the hostel. So I decided to head back for them after all they were pretty good crackers. Becky looked after our bags and I caught the train back and legged it back to the hostel. I soon made it back and rewarded myself with the sweet taste of a peanut butter cracker before running back to the station. I made it back and then we headed to the platform to catch the train to Osaka.
We weren’t entirely sure how to get there and looked at a board hoping for it to tell us where to go but it didn’t. Then a man come up to us and said can I help you. And that’s what he did he told us which train to wait for and to get the rapid service with a smile. He caught his train, looked back and said enjoy your trip in Japan.
We boarded the crowded train and luckily got a seat for Osaka.
Half an hour passed and we arrived in osaka, then we just had to take a couple of tubes to the stop near our accommodation. The guest house had given us a manual to check in and we had three different codes which were sent in a separate email. We had to find a security box with a key and passcode and only one lift in the building would take us to the right floor. It was like some sort of crystal maze game. But eventually we found the right floor and the key. We let ourselves in and the guesthouse was an apartment spread over two floors
It was bizarre there was no sign of life anywhere. We soon found our room and it was nice but we were just confused, where is everyone.
They didn’t have a check in desk but we expected to see someone. So we had a snoop around and it seemed we were the only ones here. We couldn’t find a WiFi password anywhere and I couldn’t see an Internet box. It was like being in an abondoned apartment but with fresh sheets it was very eary. And we were just waiting to find a couple of dead bodies in some of the kitchen cupboards or hidden limbs under the scatter cushions.
After a costume change we headed out for some food and on the way we saw a Mcdonalds so we thought we would make the most of the free WiFi there before getting some food. We got in touch with the guest house to see if they did have WiFi and a couple of other things.
The WiFi didn’t work for me but it did for becky and the guesthouse said they didn’t have WiFi which seemed strange. After this we headed out and the streets were empty, it was a Sunday night but nothing was going on. We headed towards a street a couple of kilometres away that had been recommended called Dontorbi and as we drew Closer life began to emerge and the lights appeared. We stopped at a place for some noodle soup which was good before heading to the river. We soon made it down to the river and saw the iconic glico running man. Which is a famous billboard for a sweet company.

Dotonbori main strip by the river
The famous running man

We got a beer from a stall with a few tables overlooking the river and they gave us some free edamame beans to accompany our 200 yen cover charge each (plus tax). But it was a good spot to have a drink and enjoy Osaka.
After this we bought a couple of cans of beer from the shop and joined many of the other people sitting along the river enjoying the setting. We managed to get some WiFi from the corner shop so managed to video call some of the family back home which was nice.  

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