Sushi on a conveyor belt!? Its the future, I’ve tasted it, 4th September 2017

  • Osaka Castle

We decided to have a little lie in and we had heard some movement in the apartment which meant their were either other people or the bodies had been stored incorrectly and they had fell out of the kitchen cupboards. But all seemed OK and we headed for the Osaka castle. Osaka was the original capital of Japan with the emperor being based here hundreds of years ago. We found the temple and it was surrounded by two moats which one was filled with water and the other had been colonised by greenery. Around the moats were huge walls formed by ginormous stones which had been all pulled up the hills by hand.

A turret at Osaka Castle
Osaka castle gateway

We walked up to the main section of the castle and a huge regal tower was in the centre of the courtyard. It had Japanese style roofs with golden trim. We paid the 600 yen to enter and learned the history of the castle as we ascended  the eight floors to the viewing platform. It had been a bloody past with many men dieing over the years after battles upon battles.

Giant rocks forming the walls

We made it to the eighth floor and you got a bird eye view of Osaka. It was a clear day so you could see for a few miles. After this we headed down the stairs and it said that we should see the exhibitions on the different floors as went descended. Which was the opposite to what we had done! No wonder it didn’t make any sense! But there were some cool sets of armour that were from different periods in time. I soon found out you weren’t allowed to take photos inside after i saw some a little lady thrusting the sign in everyones face.

View from the top

We got back to the ground and watched one of street performers in the castles grounds. After this we tried one of the local delicacies, takoyaki, which is a sort of dough ball with octopus inside which we had with garlic. It tasted like a slimey garlic doughball you would get from pizza hut but not as good. After this we took a walk to dontorbori, we passed through some backstreets with local markets which were packing up for the day.

Octopus advertising its own balls in Osaka

We made it to the river and headed for Daiki Suisan which was a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. After all Osaka is the birthplace of this concept and neither Becky or I had been to a restaurant like this before so we thought we would give it a go. We got a seat and we had a pot of green tea powder and a boiling water tap which was a good start. The small plates of food were passing by on the conveyor belt it was great. There were small signs of what each dish was and a price so you knew what you were eating. We had Blue fin Tuna, Sweet tofu, Grilled shrimp, raw shrimp, grilled salmon, crab stick tempura and sushi salmon rolls. It was a feast and we piled the plates up and it cost us less than 2000 Yen (£14.50).

Blue fin tuna

The plates stacked up after our meal

After this we headed down to the river and sat there for a while. Watching the river tour boats go by underneath the bright lights.

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