Hello Hiroshima!, 6th September 2017

  • Leave Osaka
  • Arrive in Hiroshima

Our time in Osaka was up and it was time to check out of our creepy apartment. We were very happy to leave the apartment and check into somewhere that you didn’t feel like someone was waiting to kidnap you. We caught the subway to Shin-Osaka which us where we would catch the Shinkansen to Hiroshima. We got some ramen and gyoza (fried dumplings). The ramen was amazing and by far the best I have ever had, it was perfectly seasoned and the broth was so flavoursome.
We then boarded the bullet train to Hiroshima which would take around 2 hours. We arrived in hiroshima and tried one of the local delicacies at the train station which was a sweet cake filled with various flavours. I went for chocolate and Becky went for cheese, safe to say I made the right choice.

We caught the tram near to our hostel and found it just around the corner. It seemed like a nice place and we checked into our Japanese style room which was very spacious. After this we headed  to the baseball stadium as there was a game on. The Japanese are big into their baseball and the Hiroshima carps are top in the division. We soon made it to the stadium and were engulfed by the sea of red from the fans jerseys. Nearly every person had some team memorabilia. Unfortunately the game was sold out on all days so we couldn’t catch a game. We wandered back and had some food at a chinese restaurant which did a mix of japanese and chinese food which was really good.

After we headed back to the hostel and chatted to a few of the other guests about their journeys and their time in Japan.

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