A trip to the hospital, 6th October 2017

  • Arrive in negombo
  • Trip to the hospital

It was checkout day so we packed up our things and after breakfast caught a tuk tuk to the bus stop. We were heading to our final destination, Negombo, which was along the west coast not too far from the airport. The bus we needed directly to Negombo would take an hour to arrive so we caught one which took us to another much quicker. We managed to get a seat and within a couple of hours we arrived in Negombo. We got off and walked to a tuk tuk and explained where we needed to go. I bartered with him which he wasn’t too pleased about and agreed a price of 200 rupees (£1) I knew how many kilometres it was so i knew that was a fair price. We jumped in and it appeared he had no clue where we were going so asked some of his mates down the road. Then he said we should pay more as it was a lot further than i had said. But i said its not ive showed you how far it is. He persisted to continue saying we should pay more so i said OK we will get out. He instantly said no its fine and started the engine again as if he was going to drive off without me. 

After driving up and down the back roads and calling the guesthouse he eventually found the guesthouse. I do appreciate that there are a lot of guesthouses but if you say you know where you are going then you should know.

Anyway we finally made it to the guesthouse and it was great. It had a pool and we were soon led to our double room with A/C. It also had a few adopted dogs and cats which were lounging about the place. One of the cats had 6 small two month old kittens which becky was very fond of.

We relaxed and Becky had started to feel not so well again. So we asked the guesthouse if there was a doctors nearby and they suggested we go straight to the private hospital to get checked out. So we got a tuk tuk there and there was hardly anyone there so we were seen within a few minutes. The doctor checked becky out and thought that she had an infected insect bite so needed to do a blood test to see what antibiotics she may need.

One problem that is becky has a phobia of needles and has never had a blood test before so that mixed with being in a foreign hospital wasn’t a great start. She was not keen on the blood test and asked if there was another way but unfortunately there wasn’t. After nearly being pinned down by the nurses they managed to squeeze a vile of blood out of her. 

She was described some antibiotics and we hoped that she would feel much better for the flight the following day. We headed back and becky wasn’t up to much so spent most of the day in bed. I went and did a little but of final shopping before having a chilled out evening.

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