Selecting the right card to travel with

Selecting The Right Card To Travel With

Long are the days of withdrawing all of your money for your trip and carrying it around with you for your journey.
New banks are offering low fees or zero fees for overseas transactions to lure customers to bank with them.
New banks seem to be popping up every year with new offers so it pays to shop around.
It always pays to have a backup card just in case something goes wrong. Such as when i left my card in an ATM on christmas day in Thailand!
So take two cards the second doesn’t always have to be give you the best rate but just better than a standard debit card.

One bank I have used called Starling is a new company which offers a card with zero fees for withdrawing cash and overseas purchases. And there is no catch its all completely free. They are Web based which works great when you’re away as the app is completely user friendly.
You can transfer money into and out of the account as you wish and the app will notify you every time money comes in or leaves your account.
This is a fantastic way of keeping track of your spending and each purchase will be categorised so you can see where you’re spending it.

Secondly Monzo a new London born bank which is offering some good products to encourage new customers to join them.
Again they are a Web based company so no branches but have a great user friendly app.
This card works more as a cash card that you can top up. The perks off this card are no fees for overseas purchases.
You do have to pay a percentage for withdrawal at overseas ATM’s but they are completely honest about this as it does cost the bank a considerable amount.
You can withdraw cash from an ATM back in the UK for no charge. So you can top up the card for your trip and if you’re lucky to come home with any money then use it back home. Or withdraw the extra cash from an ATM.

Let me know if you have had any good or bad experiences with these two cards! Or if you have any other options that would be great. After all why should the banks get their hands on our hard earned cash when you could spend it a nice cool beer or fruit smoothie on the beach!

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