How to keep your pictures/videos safe whilst Away

How to keep your pictures/videos safe whilst Away

One of the ways you can document your trip or holiday is by your photos/ videos and there is nothing more devastating than losing your camera or your computer with all of your files on. So here are a few ways you can keep your pictures/videos safe and sound.

External Hard Drive

No matter how long you are away for its always good to backup your pictures so an easy way to do this is by putting them on an external hard drive. This can be easily done by using a computer at your accommodation and you can keep it safe either in your room or with you.

Drop Box

You can get a dropbox account for free and if you recommend a friend this can give you extra space but generally this isn’t a massive amount. So you can upgrade your dropbox account to one with a larger capacity. I have gone for the 1 Terra Byte account in the past which is approximately £7 per month. Once I am back home I will download all of the pictures to my PC and then cancel my subscription.

Its important to note that you will need a half decent internet connection to upload your pictures so if you are planning on staying in the middle of nowhere this may not be the best option.

Multiple SD Cards

If you have multiple cards then this will mean that you can swap them over so that all of your pictures are not on one card. This means that if you were to lose your camera then you may have only lost a smaller part of your trips pictures.


Depending on how long you are away will depend on whether this is a viable option. Some laptops come with large hard drives so you can upload your pictures to them once back at your accommodation or on the move.

Personally I have found that going for more than one of the options is best as you have a back up if you lose anything or your things are stolen. If you have access to good internet then the Dropbox account is fantastic as your pictures are saved to their server so you can download them from anywhere and once they are uploaded they are safe.

I am not on commission to recommend any of these sites I just want to help other travellers in the same way that people helped me.

Post up any comments of your experiences using these sites or if you have any recommendations for other sites!

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