Three Sites to save you money on Accomodation

Three Sites to save you money on Accomodation

We all want to be able to get the best nights accommodation for the lowest amount of money. Here are some ways that you can do that or reduce the prices of some hotels/guesthouses

I use three major apps/websites for accommodation which are , Airbnb and Hostelworld

If you have time to check then sometimes these sites will have discount codes kicking about the internet for example sometimes provides discount codes if you use the mobile app just find the code. So you could save a few extra pounds by booking on the app which you may do anyway.

A fantastic app to have on your phone and shows you the most up to date prices for hotels, guesthouses and hostels in an area of your choice.

If you create an account on your phone then you get what they call ‘Sectet price’ which gives you a discount off of the rooms normal price.

Secondly they provide a rewards system so for every 10 nights you book with them they give you a night for FREE. This can work out well as if you are going to book the rooms anyway then why not get a free night. The price of the free night will vary depending on what accommodation you stayed in. it will calculate an average of the room prices that you have purchased.

Don’t think you can book ten nights in a basement in a hostel and get a free night in the Ritz!

Please note that you will not get your free night until you have stayed in the 10 nights accommodation and once you have been given your free night you will have a year to use it.

The majority of hotels/ guesthouses will take the money when you book but some will require that you pay on arrival and your card details will be taken at booking in case you don’t show.



People are often sceptical about using this site as they think they will be sharing a bed in someone’s home but that’s not the case.

Airbnb provides a platform for normal people as well as businesses to provide accommodation and usually at a competitive rate. You can filter the types of accommodation for example you could want an entire flat/ apartment or you might be happy with a room in someones apartment. Whatever your requirements Airbnb will have it.

Once you have found a place to stay the provider will sometimes ask you a few questions about yourself to see if they would like you to stay in their home. If you are booking a room in a guesthouse then this generally doesn’t happen.

A good trick to save some money is the recommend a friend option. If you recommend a friend then you enter their email address and they will be sent a voucher code for £25 and you will receive £10 once they activate the code.

This can be a good trick so for example you could recommend your travel partners email address and they will receive the voucher code saving you both money on your trip.

Please note that Airbnb uses a rating system so some accommodation providers are not so keen on people with new accounts but generally this isn’t an issue.

Airbnb will take the money for the accommodation when you book it.



Hostelworld does not just do what the name implies it also offers a range of guesthouses and budget hotels which offer dorms or private rooms depending on your preference.

You can book a room on the site and place a small deposit and pay the rest in the local currency once you arrive.

I am not on commission to recommend any of these sites I just want to help other travellers in the same way that people helped me.

Post up any comments of your experiences using these sites or if you have any recommendations for other sites!

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