West Coast America

I went on a road trip around the west coast of America which started and finished in Los Angeles. Along the route i stopped at:

Los Angeles–San Diego–Flagstaff–Lake Powell–Zion National Park–Las Vegas–Death Valley–Sequoia National Park–Yosemite National Park–Sacramento–Napa Valley–San Francisco–Santa Cruz–Monterey Bay–Big Sur–Santa Barbara–Malibu–Venice Beach–Los Angeles

We did this trip in 27 days and drove 3294 miles in our little Prius. It was an incredible experience and the best way to see everywhere. To see the maximum amount of places in a limited time the best way to travel is by car (Certainly not the cheapest!!).


Tips i picked up whilst i was in America:

  • Tipping, very controversial topic but you should tip around 15% at bars or restaurants. If you don’t tip at a bar you will be waiting a very long time for the next drink.
  • Food in the supermarkets is very expensive so sometimes if you can find special offers its cheaper to eat out.
  • If you are planning on visiting a few national parks buy the couples pass. It is $80 for two people and gets you entry into all the national parks.
  • Very strange at first as you think they are being sarcastic but a lot of people are genuinely nice so embrace it.
  • From my experience all ATM’s charge so withdraw as much as possible at one time or use a credit card for in store purchases and get cash back for free.


  • Watch out for red curbs, you can’t park there and are the equivalent to our double yellow lines.
  • If your hiring a car for a while it might be cheaper to buy a GPS system rather than hire one.
  • At most traffic lights you can turn right even when the light is red.
  • If your paying cash you must pay before you fill up with fuel and then go and collect your change.
  • The best way to travel about is hire a car, fuel is very cheap and fluctuated between $2-$4 when we were there. Hire is even cheaper if you split between a few people.
  • When booking a hire car through a third party before you enter the states do not take any extra insurance they offer. Thus I’d insurance for the third party not the actual company. They will most probably charge you extra for insurance on arrival.
  • When you park make sure you are in the same direction that the traffic goes or you will get a ticket.


John with our Prius

 Day after the wedding in the mansion in san diego

Day after the wedding in the mansion. Me, left. Dan, centre. Taylor, right.


Me at the Grand Canyon

Tom jones Star

Tom Jones Star in Hollywood

Me and Becky in a sea canoe in Monterey Bay


Hollywood hills hiking trail


John at the top of the hollywood hills trail


Venice Beach